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We work hard to make sure that we create high quality, useful resources that are accessible for everyone.  We do not make a profit from our printed resources, we simply charge the cost price for printing and postage.

Our Goal Directed Care Planning Toolkit is $15 per copy (plus postage).  The GDCP toolkit is an 84 page A4 size book.

Our Consumer Feedback Toolkit is $30 per copy (plus postage). The toolkit includes 8 easy to use guides that guide you through each step of designing and implementing consumer feedback strategies.  In total, the toolkit includes almost 200 pages of information.

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Goal Directed Care Planning Toolkit

This Goal Directed Care Planning Toolkit was developed as part of the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) Home and Community Care (HACC) Goal Directed Care Planning project.

While it was original developed for the HACC sector, the toolkit is appropriate to goal setting and care planning across the health and community service sectors.

The GDCP Toolkit includes a range of practical tools to support agencies to understand:

  • the rationale for GDCP and the relevant practice requirements
  • how to engage clients in the process and document meaningful GDCP
  • the organisational systems, policies and procedures that enable staff to embed effective GDCP
  • strategies to evaluate GDCP tools, practices and systems.



Consumer Feedback Toolkit

The Consumer feedback toolkit was developed as part of the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) Home and Community Care (HACC) Alliance’s Consumer Feedback Project.

The toolkit contains practical advice tools and strategies to assist staff to design, plan and implement consumer feedback strategies that are effective, efficient and appropriate for a diverse range of clients.



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