GDCP empowers patients and carers to be active participants in making decisions about care planning, encouraging shared responsibility to achieve positive results.

Goal Directed Care Planning

GDCP picGoal Directed Care Planning (GDCP) or Person Centred Planning, is consistently endorsed as a key component of a person centred approach and is now integrated into a range of health and human service policies, quality standards and practice guidelines.

While care planning is new for some staff, many have been setting goals and developing care plans with their clients for years. Traditionally, the focus has been on creating care plans that provide staff with information and the intervention or services being delivered.

A goal directed approach to care planning requires staff to shift focus and develop care plans that are meaningful and useful tools for clients. It focusses on understanding each person’s goals and developing a plan about how you can work together to achieve them. Great GDCP are strength based, individualised and reviewed regularly to ensure they remain relevant and useful.

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KPA’s work / Our experience

Developing the skills, confidence and tools required to support effective GDCP is a key focus of our work. Our team have a comprehensive understanding of the policy, quality standards, accreditation systems and best practice standards relating to person centred planning across the health and community service sectors.

We have led a range of person centred care planning initiatives and have a strong track record of success in developing and embedding GDCP approaches across a range of organisations, partnerships and sectors.