Regardless of how skilled staff are, sustainable change is only possible when staff are supported by the systems, policies and tools that allow them to work effectively.

Organisational Development, Systems and Policies

Delivering truly person centred services is dependent on creating systems, policies and tools that are robust enough to ensure consistency and flexible enough to allow staff to use their skills and expertise to deliver the right care for each client.

Agencies also need to be able to demonstrate they have robust systems, policies and planning approaches in order to meet the increasing demands of accreditation, quality and reporting systems. In many agencies however, there is a disconnect between policy and practice. This can create tension, frustration among staff and can have a significant impact on an agencies potential to deliver great outcomes.

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Our experience

We work with agencies, partnerships and governments to design and implement effective, practical and sustainable systems that support best practice. Our team all have practical experience working in health and community services and understand the pressures that staff face and the challenges of implementing new systems and tools in a rapidly changing environment.

We can work with you to design a solution that’s right for you.
This may include:

  • Actively engaging staff across agencies in the design, development, review and implementation of new tools, processes and systems
  • Building staff awareness and understanding of the purpose and context of relevant policy and the systems required to support them
  • Training practice staff, management and Boards to understand how to translate policy into practice efficiently and effectively
  • Developing resources and strategies to support major change and reform
  • Facilitating and guiding strategic and operational planning
  • Building the capacity of agencies to support ongoing system design and quality improvement strategies