Embedding GDCP Training Program

Who this training is for:

  • Staff responsible for the development and implementation of systems to support service delivery.
  • Team leaders
  • Program managers
  • Quality improvement staff.

This training package is designed to provide team leaders and program managers with the knowledge and tools required to embed quality Goal Directed Care Planning (GDCP) into their programs.

This includes support to review and develop relevant organisational policies, systems and structures and a train-the-trainer package that will enable leaders to provide education and supports to support staff within their agency.

Participants are provided with the relevant tools and resources to deliver education and support their team to create a coordinated and sustainable approach to GDCP across their organisation (including a complete powerpoint presentation with trainer notes, participant worksheets and handouts).

shapesDay 1 includes discussion of:

  • GDCP as a core component of a person centred approach
  • The quality standards that relate to GDCP and the evidence required for the relevant quality reviews
  • The organisational systems, policies and processes required to support GDCP throughout a client’s episode of care
  • Strategies to gain buy in and support from clients, carers and staff to implement effective GDCP
  • An evidence based approach to evaluating GDCP and ongoing quality improvement in alignment with the relevant quality standards (including the presentation of practical audit tools, checklists and guidelines to collect feedback from staff, clients and carers).

shapes2Day 2 includes:

  • A review of agencies’ policies, procedures and systems in place to support GDCP
  • Presentation of an education program designed for support staff who are responsible for discussing and implementing care plans with clients (e.g. Direct Care Workers, Allied Health Assistants, Intake Staff and Volunteers).
  • Introduction to the resources and supports available for provision to support staff

Day 3 (half day program) includes:

  • Revision of education program and resources for support staff
  • Practical review and problem solving techniques
  • Opportunities to promote ongoing skill development among practice staff.