KPA’s approach to training

We provide practical, ‘hands-on’ experience and tools that participants can take away and apply to their work.

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Our training programs are developed with the following principles in mind:

We only deliver what we know!

Our trainers are all experienced professionals, with real world experience working in the field. However, we only deliver training in areas that we have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant theory, best practice guidelines and industry standards.

This balance of theory and practice, provides us with the skills to actively engage participants and provides us with the credibility to deliver training, answer questions and problem solve the issues that staff face working on the ground.

Information has to be practical

Information has limited value unless staff know how to translate it into practice. Our training programs include many examples, opportunities for interaction and hands on activities to ensure that staff have the opportunity to test ideas and put the theory into practice.

We tailor these to the needs of each group and provide concrete, tangible strategies and tools that participants can take back to work.

Training is not an island

While training usually relates to a skill or area of practice, we recognise that in practice, staff face a range of competing priorities and need to integrate their learning within the context of their role.

We demonstrate the links between the training content and broader requirements and provide evidence about how the training can add value for them, for their organisation, and most importantly, for the people we work with.

We are committed to ensuring that our training packages add value and support practice change and quality improvement in line with Commonwealth and State government policy, planning and strategic direction.

Participants are already experts

We respect the skills, experience and expertise of the participants and encourage them to be actively involved in each session, creating opportunities for people to learn from each other and share their experiences.

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