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Until recently, the world of professional development has focused on face to face learning. Now, that has all changed. Organisations are looking for ways to provide the best possible training for their staff in new ways … in this rapidly changing environment training needs to be flexible and accessible.

The health and community workforce are under pressure. Frontline staff, managers and organisations can all experience real challenges accessing quality, tailored training.

Two New Courses now Online

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Developing effective Goal Directed Care Plans (GDCP)

This course provides staff with practical tools and strategies to support them understand and embed effective person centred goal setting and care planning.  Staff have the opportunity to practice a range of techniques to engage clients in the goal setting process and work through case studies to put these skills into practice.

Who is this training for? Staff who are responsible for assessment, goal setting and care planning.  Team leaders, coordinators and managers who directly oversee staff responsible for GDCP are also encouraged to attend.  No prerequisite training is required.

Utilising the My Aged Care service provider portal

This eLearning provides an overview of the service provider portal, its key elements, functions and processes.  It walks you through each step of the process, providing practical guidance and examples, so that you feel confident about what is required, when and how to complete each action.  It focusses on how you can utilise the My Aged Care service provider portal to streamline your work and enhance continuity of care for your clients.

Who is this training for? Staff working in aged care services who utilise the My Aged Care service provider portal as part of their work.  It focusses on the key functions related to the team leader and staff member roles within the service provider portal.  The training is intended for staff who are new to the My Aged Care provider portal and those who would like a refresher about key functions and responsibilities.  No prerequisite training is required.

The challenges

We know that health and community service staff are committed to delivering the best possible services to their community, but they have:

  • limited time
  • increasingly demanding and complex workloads
  • multiple / competing priorities to balance
  • CPD commitments to maintain professional registration

Managers tell us that face to face learning is challenging to coordinate when:

  • Many staff work part time and/or off site
  • Programs are spread across broad geographic areas
  • Taking staff off the ‘floor’ disrupts service delivery.

Organisations need to continue to upskill their staff in order to:

  • demonstrate compliance with quality standards and funding requirements
  • support continuous quality improvement
  • maximise efficiency and ensure cost effectiveness

The solution

We have developed a range of self-paced, online training modules to complement our face to face training and live webinars. The key training areas include:

  • Person Centred Practice
  • Strengths based assessment
  • Goal Setting and Care Planning
  • Consumer Engagement and Feedback
  • Evaluation and planning

By having access to online modules you can help streamline your systems, adopt practical and innovative ways to work, build on delivering quality and help meet your funding requirements.

KPA eLearning modules

eLearning makes training more accessible, flexible and cost effective than ever before. Some of the benefits include:

  • Training is accessible anytime/anywhere for your staff (cloud based solution) on laptop, pc, smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Staff can access courses directly from our eLearning library or we can upload courses into your organisation’s Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Learning is broken down into bite sized chunks and includes a combination of formats to suit more learners (videos, quizzes, case studies, workbook activities etc.).
  • Staff can continue to access the learning materials over the life of their subscription – they can dip back in and refresh their skills whenever they need to.
  • Everyone has access to the same, quality content, regardless of when or where they complete their training. The content is constantly updated by us, so you’ll always access to the most current version.
  • Training costs are vastly reduced whilst efficiency is greatly increased
  • Staff can access the training at their convenience, working around other responsibilities to minimise disruptions to clients and service delivery.
  • Online learning creates a culture of active and independent learning throughout the organisation.
  • Content can be used for mandatory/induction training, or to refresh the knowledge of your team, with year round access to the library

KPA eLearning course design

KPA has engaged a highly experienced instructional designer to support us in the design and development of our eLearning courses.  This has ensured we can translate proven training content into an online environment, making our courses as engaging, appropriate and effective as possible.

Screenshot of sample eLearning course

Each chapter includes instructional videos, in which Kate Pascale delivers education with the support of PowerPoint slides.  Videos are broken down into bite sized chunks and supported by closed captions to promote accessibility.  These videos are supported by a range of activities to demonstrate key skills and support participants to consolidate their learning including:

  • quiz questions (presented in a range of formats)
  • reflective practice exercises
  • case studies (video & paper based)
  • annotated examples.

Participants are also provided with a course workbook which includes all the course materials they need to successfully complete the course.  The course workbook is provided as a PDF document so it can be used electronically, or printed, depending on the participant’s learning style.  Each workbook includes:

  • instructional information about the course and ideas to support them embed their learning
  • copies of all PowerPoint slides for the course, with space to document notes
  • written worksheets and extension tasks
  • comprehensive resource lists.

For more information about KPA’s eLearning library or bespoke content development please get in touch with our eLearning director, Daniel Berkovitch at danielberkovitch@kpassoc.com.au 

For more information on our training packages, workshops and tailored training programs, or to make a booking, please feel free to contact us.

Our Key eLearning Team

Kate Pascale

Kate Pascale Profile ImageKate has extensive experience developing and delivering training in a range of formats.  She works closely with agencies to ensure that training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each group and that staff are provided with practical, ‘hands-on’ strategies and tools that they can apply to their work.  Kate has delivered training to more than 40,000 people and developed training packages and resources in a range of formats including face to face, live webinars, self directed eLearning packages and train the trainer packages.

Daniel Berkovitch

Daniel Berkovitch Profile Image

After many years working in Consulting and Change Management for companies such as ANZ, Fonterra, Australia Post, Cathay Pacific, Daniel moved into the Learning and Development industry back in 2010, and has been involved in the industry ever since.

Daniel has worked in a variety of roles in this space. The main focus has been on Strategic Selling and Consulting to industry to determine what elearning products and services organisations require, what the current gaps are and then assisting his project teams in delivering the appropriate outcome. Daniel has extensive experience in custom content development and the management of these projects in a variety of industries. He also has 10+ years of experience working with various LMS platforms, SCORM solutions, and both technical and business staff (including Instructional Designers, Digital Designers, SME’s).

Daniel also has a thorough understanding of custom course development project deliverables, managing stakeholders, commercial negotiations and works to deliver the agreed outcomes for clients. He has successfully helped deliver custom solutions to organisations such as RACGP, St Vincents, Spotless, Jetstar, NEC, Cricket Australia, NSW Dept of Transport, Fair Work Australia, Australian Electoral Commission to name a few.

Being our elearning Director, you can rest assured you have the experience of someone with extensive knowledge of the industry and one who can help you deliver the best outcome for your needs….

Robert Pascale

Robert Pascale Profile ImageRob is our I.T Director and looks after our technology stack for our eLearning platform development and installation and configurations. With a 25 year background in data capture in the education and market research industries, including bespoke web development system for some of the largest Commonwealth government data capture census projects in Australia, Rob brings a wealth of experience to our technology integration and solution provision implementations.

Our Team

We also employ instructional and learning designers in the design and development of our eLearning courses, along with a graphic designer to ensure a professional and consistent presentation that is visually appealing, easy to use and fit for purpose.