Consumer Engagement

EMR HACC Consumer Feedback Toolkit 

Folder cover image FINALThe Consumer feedback toolkit was developed as part of the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) Home and Community Care (HACC) Alliance’s Consumer Feedback Project.

The toolkit contains practical advice tools and strategies to assist staff to design, plan and implement consumer feedback strategies that are effective, efficient and appropriate for a diverse range of clients.

It has been designed as a set of discrete resources so you can ‘dip in’ and use different sections that are relevant to you.  It is not designed to be read cover to cover. Please click on the following links to download the following sections of the toolkit:

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1.1 Introducing the EMR HACC Alliance Consumer feedback toolkit

1.2 Introduction and background

2.0 Collecting and using consumer feedback effectively Designing your approach

3.1 Developing consumer surveys

3.2 Consumer survey tools and templates

4.1 Conducting focus groups with consumers

4.2 Consumer focus group tools and templates

5.1 Conducting in-depth interviews with consumers

5.2 Consumer interview tools and templates

The following tools can also be downloaded in Microsoft Word format so they can be used electronically.

Designing your approach worksheet

Survey Checklist

Consumer Focus Group Facilitator’s guide templates

Consumer Interview protocol templates

Other relevant links and resources: