Goal Directed Care Planning Training

GDCP TrainingWe provide a suite of training opportunities that are available to organisations and partnerships looking for the skills, resources and tools to improve GDCP.

In 2013, we delivered training to over 1000 staff working across a range of sectors including Community Health, Disability, Case Management, Youth services, Mental Health, AOD, Housing and Homelessness, Carer Support, Local Government and Primary Care.

Training packages for staff responsible for assessment, goal setting and care planning

  • GDCP: Why, When, and How
    This interactive program provides staff with the information, practical strategies and to support effective goal setting and person centred care planning.
    Find out more about the ‘GDCP: Why, When and How’ program
  • We also offer a range of workshops that address specific elements of care planning including:
    • Engaging people with Dementia and their carers in GDCP
    • GDCP with clients from different cultural backgrounds
    • Conducting GDCP reviews
    • Reflective practice and problem solving
    • Shared Care Planning (across multidisciplinary teams and/or between agencies)

Training packages for managers, team leaders and quality improvement staff

While we offer a number of core sessions, each program is tailored to meet the needs of the group. We achieve this by including examples and case studies and discussing the relevant policy, quality standards and best practices standards specific to the group’s practice.

For more information on our GDCP training packages, workshops and tailored training programs, or to make a booking, please feel free to contact us.