“GDCP: Why, When, and How!” Training

Who this training is for:

  • Staff responsible for assessment, goal setting and care planning.
  • Team leaders and coordinators who directly oversee staff responsible for GDCP Program

This interactive program provides staff with the information, practical strategies and to support effective goal setting and person centred care planning. Staff also have the opportunity to discuss current challenges and work collaboratively to generate effective and sustainable solutions.

The training is run over 1.5 days – a full day session and a 3 hour follow up session conducted approximately 2-4 weeks later.

Session 1

  • Best practice approaches to goal setting with clients and carers
  • Strategies to understand client’s needs and priorities and how to translate these into tangible goals
  • Effectively engaging clients and carers in GDCP (including clients who have dementia, communication difficulties or limited capacity for effective planning and decision making)
  • How to develop and document person centred care plans
  • An introduction to the organisational systems that support effective GDCP.

Session 2

  • A 3 hour follow up session (held 2-4 weeks later) allows staff the opportunity to review progress, discuss challenges and seek support and guidance about how to embed GDCP into their practice. This also includes a collaborative review of organisational tools and systems to support effective practice.